Flats & Apartments Precautionary Fogging Services in Gauteng

Flats & Apartments Precautionary Fogging Services in Gauteng


Precautionary Disinfection

Service provided to customers requiring a once-off precautionary clean to disinfect the premises when there are nil suspected nor confirmed COVID -19 cases.

Scope of Work

  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging and physical disinfection using RBT Protectus Viridis Hand and Multi-Surface Disinfectant that is 99.999% Effective against Coronavirus and SARS -Co-V-2, has a two minute contact time, long-lasting residual efficacy, water-based and 100% biodegradable.
  • A certificate of services provided is provided to the Customer
  • Our application technicians undertake safety measures with a key focus on their safety, your employees and the public.
  • Should it be required, removal of legally compliant of potentially general waste in accordance with COVID – 19 infection and prevention control.

Due to this option to increase the scope for waste removal, Nyeleti Health will re-validate our web-based pricing with you on your request for legally compliant general waste removal, we will re-validate our web-based pricing and require your acceptance prior proceeding with the disinfection.

The total cost for the fogging services less 40% Booking and Fogging Fee will be invoiced to the Customer and payable within 7 days of the invoice date. Within 24 hours of your fogging service purchase of the Booking and Fogging Fee, Nyeleti Health will make telephonic and e-mail contact to arrange a convenient site fogging date and time.

In the event that you do not require us to proceed, your 40% advance payment will be returned to you less a Call Out charge of R 758,92.

Note, all prices are the required 40% deposit of the full amount.

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Fogging Specialist Disinfection (Infection/Suspected Infection)

Average m2

Total Cost

40% Booking & Fogging Fee

Flats & Apartments 2 bedroom


R2 185,73


4 bedroom


R2 599,19

R1 039,68

6 bedroom


R3 012,66

R1 205,06

Call Out Cost when Customer cancels the order and no Fogging is undertaken


Additional Information

Flats & Apartments

2 Rooms (R1,973), 4 Rooms (R2,387), 6 Rooms (R2,800)